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Rongtou Hotel is Fall in Shuangliu County, Long Bridge Road, five minutes drive from the airport to downtown requires only 10 minutes drive away with its perfect service facilities, adhering to the concept of service ahead of elegance, will make each of respect among the stops here passengers enjoy the true meaning of ordinary life. Hotel overall with "static" for the design concept,there is a very clean environment.---[View Detail]

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  • sgf2370
    Compare cheap hotels
  • baobeierl
    Hotel very rod, airport shuttle is free of, front desk personnel also is patience, but restaurant waiter of service can't compliment, I a people dinner, has points has four dish a soup, also in asked I points what, face Shang no any smile, very not patience of like! so good of hotel, because a waiter of performance, led to overall feel bad, really of very unfortunately!
  • leexueyu
    Nice, convenient, next time will stay
  • xyy10144
    Live for the first time, very comfortable, have a chance next time then,
  • clture555
    Room was very clean, and very quiet! beds and rooms are very large, and business pictures, very satisfied with the stay
  • grace8989
    Environment is very good, the room was big and also very good health
  • tingting3720
    All right
  • Jjs115, for Taobao
    Premier Hotels!
  • bjttwendy
    Very good hotel, every time, is too noisy, the plane is too loud.
  • salevga
    Hotel in double near. price also is reasonable, room also is compared spacious of, configuration not is is rich, has a Taiwan capsule coffee machine, but is no distribution milk, this is what logic. maximum highlights should is has a huge very of bed, to I live had both at home and abroad hotel of experience, this does is I live had of maximum of bed, King size plus, can sleep five a people no pressure, but comfortable sense to be improve. breakfast didn't eat, not know how, but earlyMeal time is very short, 7-9, this was very inappropriate.
  • liutao036119
    It's not bad
  • paladin0001
    Service very attentive, convenient airport shuttle
  • FlamingYang
    Hotel facilities is very good the room was big and very clean there are food outlets can visit nearby just ten minutes from the airport recommended stay
    Well, price is high
  • aurora918
    Well, I think the price is a value, but I just don't know if it's only me who lives a floor that day, quiet
  • ec123
    Next to the airport very convenient, hygiene is also good, for a day, and comfort
  • POWER19901005
    Very good value for the input 5 star
  • cyang118
    Well, absolutely high cost performance. lived there on an early plane is absolutely appropriate. are taxi drivers not familiar with Baidu navigation seems to have a problem.
  • Judy.Yue
    Which is very nice
  • Maple_Ren
    Good hardware, price/performance, is downtown in the evening, by the airport.
  • flm3841
    Hotel is located in outside ring, Airport next, just in took off side, so aircraft are is hype, voice big. but room in voice is unlikely to. price good, room big bed big, service good. breakfast 7 age following children free, by room card eat breakfast, restaurant waiter enthusiasm, service is good! away from du cottage, width alley has more than 10 km, for since driving to live. hotel has car shuttle machine service, seems is free of. door underground can parking, convenient. hotel not far has Austrian special dish RepublikaLike shopping.
  • fanyin67
    Very good ... I live between the planes flying over was too noisy
  • abiaoge
  • jieforxc
    Cost-effective. is definitely five-star standard of the room, there is coffee beans and coffee machines.
  • jamobaby
    If you want to catch a plane, the hotel is very good, very clean, just give it a perfect score
    Less than ten minutes drive from the airport, hotel, renovated. Aircraft noise is a little big. Bad service at the front desk. Higher cost.
  • cl050206
    Yes, although the hotel is not very stylish, but the room was very new and very clean, price
  • funnyleaf
    Really the occitane, the decoration of the hotel but it is not convenient for transportation!
  • EircBai
    Great hotel, highly recommended
  • wsadcr0218
    Good clean close to a night market also
  • allan_forever
    Delicious restaurant on the second floor are not expensive, recommended!
  • fungst
    Very good hotel
  • orsaia
    Very comfortable hotel, fully equipped, comfortable bedding. Airport transfer service was excellent value. front desk very friendly. approximately 10 minutes by car from the airport.
  • Benny_Bear
    Nice hotel, service was very good. recommended stay
  • flying__go
    Hardware facilities good, room spacious, has coffee machine tea, also has Illy capsule coffee, bathroom Europe Shu Dan of a bathing small bottle fragrance is smell, toilet side Shang actually also has specifically put phone of table and some emergency button, just staying rooms service on sent to Dang quarter fruit, feel is warm, bed products is soft, to said shortcomings, hotel lobby of decoration and room seems not too phase attached, location slightly partial, also has hotel around of environment not too ideal, but has is price is high.
  • maweiyi
    Very good, the room was big, bed is very large, fruit gift each day. There are limousine airport transfers, hope to have the opportunity to stay
  • anjing821
    Which is very nice!
  • liangyi66
    It's really good, and civilians enjoy the five-star prices.
  • ding1112
    Very nice hotel, Chinese style, the room was large. hotel has car take guests to the airport in the morning. I was early in the morning to catch a plane, took breakfast rolls for a road meal! really attentive service.
  • ciiindy
    Very nice hotel
    Bed King size bed King size bed King size bed-large
  • candy13579
    At 9/f gym girl's service again, the plane the next day, hotel everything is OK, is the network is too slow.
  • leveret
    Second stay at, or, as always, good, may be put into use soon, there is a smell of the room, I hope I do better!
  • anvedy
    Overall is a very nice little card!
  • newbiefly
    Hotel facilities are good and free mini bar and coffee machine great ... close to the airport and free airport transfer.
  • be-so
    Great location, rather, is not very convenient
  • csxsdyf
    Big rooms, very comfortable and very well satisfied!
  • ebabyface
    Hotel distance airport is near, and hotel has shuttle machine service, is convenient. room is big, bed also is big, facilities first-class, 400 around of hotel, I personal in Chengdu words, also didn't encountered had double people bathtub of, this is first home. anyway all are is beyond I imagine of good. said several small of insufficient, first, hotel because is away from airport too near, aircraft landing of voice also is compared obviously, although I personal think away from cannot stand also has quite of distance, but hotel canTo consider added loaded multilayer of noise glass, after all some guest may compared sensitive some. Second, may not General appeared, I live of double bed room, air conditioning out outlet are on I sleep of that Zhang bed, and impossible let wife children to sleep top with wind blow of bed, only himself hard carry with, fortunately no blow cold. not know hotel can consider change about out outlet of location. third, Super big of toilet and wash between is and a highlights, and toilet and wash can separate two pieces isVery good, only hotels can in the bathroom and toilet add a curtain to middle glass partition, which can take care of privacy can also give full play to the effectiveness of large rooms. in General, really is his flaws, seriously strongly recommend flying friends stay. best regards!
  • e00102485
    Antique room, bathroom was l ' occitane's ... only drawback as close to airport, so it was a bit noisy
  • enna_yl
    Very nice, clean, big room, next flight will still be selected.