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Rongtou Hotel is Fall in Shuangliu County, Long Bridge Road, five minutes drive from the airport to downtown requires only 10 minutes drive away with its perfect service facilities, adhering to the concept of service ahead of elegance, will make each of respect among the stops here passengers enjoy the true meaning of ordinary life. Hotel overall with "static" for the design concept,there is a very clean environment.---[View Detail]

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  • cmycr
    Hotels in Chinese style decoration, understated luxury, two 1.5 meter bed, ideal for family fun, rich breakfast, very near from the airport.
  • csy723
    Like the
  • e00094777
    Very nice hotel ... is the new drivers will be familiar route. However there are special buses to the airport shuttle ... very good
  • miaomiao_mimi
    Very good hotel, very new
  • cenbei
    Too much noise, not the airport, do not know what equipment, have been ringing.
  • guolei761
    Main building is a five-star building is four star I booked a floor price for one week only to early but if even at the front desk just get one free breakfast every day under the five-storey building construction is a bit fried advantages is the starting point for the airport bus at the door.
  • beter
    Very close from the airport, free transfer to airport, great.
  • lessir
    Price moved to the condition is great value, room facilities are standard equipped, breakfast a little easier
  • doublemoon
    Never evaluate hotels but this time it was shock, deliberately say something about their hotels, hotels hardware software facilities are good! the room was good and the bed was comfortable! hotel prices are super affordable! all the details, they are good! a star too much! my only regret was the sound of planes taking off and landing!
  • E00062336
    The price was good
  • liigo
    L ' occitane Kit is there, poor room facilities, shower water is not clear, leading to toilet water, night light switches are insensitive, shut off the long, breakfast can also be
  • yl19791120
    Lobby look, unlike the star hotel, but the room is very big and health, and the facility should have a whole, service timely and thoughtful. will choose this hotel next time.
  • pippinfu
    In the newly opened hotel in the other side of the airport, services and facilities, as well as configuration is very good. stronger than the hotels around the airport where she lived before too much. but coffee machine too simple. shuttle bus should get a bigger.
  • njtulv
    Hotel is only a few minutes drive from the airport, the key is very intimate, either pick-up or restaurant staff all very polite. Each room is fine, just can't find hair-dryer (perhaps I'm not hard to find). Only drawback is a little smell, probably is due to renovation soon.
  • colorjoe
    Hotel is very good, very new, and spatial pattern of big, toilet and shower are two separate rooms ... great
  • ocean801019
    Staying comfortable
  • Addision
    Hotel interior is Deluxe big bed bath set all Ou Sudan is great love
  • joyce0506
    It's not bad
  • E04448261
    Well next time
  • TATA_G
    Auto outlet near Hotel Nice
  • npbear
    Excellent, room very comfortable, airport transfer service, the aircraft set back the early snack or something, all local snack, hotel very carefully.
  • fanwuliang
    Good times rental
  • debutsong
    ? ? ?~!? ? ? ? ?~!?.?7?.?. ?^^
  • laotie2010
    Friend hotel, after the first, an absolute bargain! is the second feeling, great value!
  • allymason
    Bed was very comfortable!! whole facility very well. Want to go to the gym, told 30, met for the first time, fitness is not so good. Breakfast of pure Chinese and Sichuan, spicy ~ personally dislike breakfast
  • a1001582
    Room is big, really big, pick-up service really good
  • babauu
    Okay anyway, a careless turnover at night
  • vampirelover
    Very good! ideal! fits very well
  • maggie05155031
    Hotel room facilities, good beds big enough separate occitane bathroom products hotel has a free airport pick up service is the highlight of the hotel is located in the airport so people who want quiet sleep does not recommend the hotel's breakfast is also relatively simple freshly ground coffee supply needs to be improved overall as early airplanes worth staying for one night
  • pippin
    Nice hotel, service very good, the room was big and comfortable, affordable
  • feijueyun
    Location is rather remote, fortunately, our rental car, so it is not a problem. underground parking lot, parking lot closed administration is safe. nothing around the hotel you can visit the place. driving not far from the airport. Hotel exterior is not too large, but the Interior more tasteful Chinese style, rooms, restaurants, corridors, Elevator Hall design remains modern Asian design. Personal advantages are as follows; 1) service does notWrong, a door on some fruit; 2) the décor relatively niche; 3) breakfast is not much, but more carefully, most of the breakfast was pretty good, not like many other hotels, breakfast a lot of others are most common. But to tell the truth, this hotel is not a luxury hotel, is only the good. personal opinions on specific issues is as follows; 1) room seems to ignore the ceiling, Stud high, but onlySimple white paint, without any decoration, high roof white, feels like the old villages houses; 2) many mosquitoes in the room, then had to request electric mosquito coils; 3) bath when hot water slowly, about 5 minutes to air stream of cold water; 4) unreasonable design of lighting control, light at the end of the bed or how to turn off at the front desk, room service, then told to turn off the bathroom light off power light it; 5) door sensorsCard not sensitive, stay 3 days in and out multiple times, repeated every credit card for a long time, there is a void; Also, additional 3 comments; 1) others commented that hotel pick-up is used cars, we drive Airport transfer, I casually asked, now Airport transfer van only, for members ' reference. 2) toiletries the hotel is marked l ' Dan, this is one where we drew, but realObserve, we feel this occitane seems a little different, we cannot confirm, not without evaluating the authenticity, for later identification. 3) rooms may be new reasons, decorating tastes is not finished.
  • Douglas_Lee
    All right
  • guijs
    Very satisfied from the airport.
  • emix69
    Very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very very very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good
  • cantor98
    Good, cheap
  • Amadea
    Close to airport, staff polite enthusiasm.
  • llglss
    Hotel away from Terminal floor ten minutes around of car drive, for flights landing late or took off time early of people. by Boutique five-star standard established, room special big, bathroom with bathroom is separate of two between, big bathtub can while two people bath, compared praise of is bathroom and bathroom of lamp are is automatically induction, night up toilet without himself open lamp, next to also will staying.
  • pinacolada
    Which is very nice
  • barols
    Good morning night affect sound, MM face black line at the front desk reception ... ... Don't know what to say, overall nice, flight of the most suitable.
  • liola
    The newly opened, taste of the decoration in the room is relatively large. in the vicinity of the airport, just 10 minutes to the airport. time the plane noisier, sleep listening to clear, quiet-loving friends for carefully chosen this hotel.
  • gongxunjuan
    Very satisfied! booked three rooms service, airport transfer fast, comfortable, room was clean and facilities are new, beautiful layout, is not noisy, restaurant was good, affordable ... highly recommended, love!
  • sammy5918
    Clean hotel, airport transfer service.
  • gyt0924
    Yes, high cost performance, is the pick of Dongfeng commercial vehicle, not haleike.
  • austor
    Hotel price enjoy five-star service. make a small suggestion, bathroom wash basin there to get basket well, but overall the price is still very high. praise
  • amy_jun7641
    That's good
  • beerboy818
    Hotel is near the airport, the surrounding is very lively and convenient. hotel facilities and hygiene are good, service is attentive, shuttle, too late for breakfast guests can also prepare the portable breakfast!
  • belwj
    Nice one or two mosquitoes
  • e01498426
    While price and service are good
  • brooce
    Bathroom and bed is very big, l ' occitane bath amenities, airport transfer, transit is easy.
  • daneltian
    Very good, nice, and breakfast was OK