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住客评论 685条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
    Appearance but sanitation was good the hotel room was large
  • jennifer_0627
  • Amadea
    Close to airport, staff polite enthusiasm.
  • tcflora
    Hardware is great, a 10-minute drive from the airport, free airport transfer is very convenient, very intimate.
  • e00050668
    Chose this hotel was because from auto outlet near, just shower water is not hot, and decoration of the hotel was good, quite satisfactory.
  • cmc1009
    Very very big
  • jamobaby
    If you want to catch a plane, the hotel is very good, very clean, just give it a perfect score
  • Sternwanderer
    Didn't thought! didn't thought! didn't thought! 360 live five-star hotel! although lobby looks didn't want to like five-star, but room beyond imagine, a is big, over 50 square meters, toilet and bath between separate and area Super big; II is facilities good, bed is big, mattress sleep have quite comfortable, bath supplies are is brand goods, has coffee capsule and coffee machine, double people bathtub. friends thought to more than 1000 more, complained how set so high-end of hotel, heard only 360 Shi eyes almost off down,Hotel also offers a free airport transfer service, another Sichuan dishes are very delicious and cheap on the second floor, 13 of us ordered 10 dishes to more than 500, awesome!
  • llglss
    Hotel away from Terminal floor ten minutes around of car drive, for flights landing late or took off time early of people. by Boutique five-star standard established, room special big, bathroom with bathroom is separate of two between, big bathtub can while two people bath, compared praise of is bathroom and bathroom of lamp are is automatically induction, night up toilet without himself open lamp, next to also will staying.
  • Denver123
    Pretty good hotel. plane the next morning, lived to be convenient!
  • loxip
    Environment is very good. is when a taxi from the airport to refuse three times. is near from the auto outlet.
  • omar928
    As always, good!
  • liujun0821
    Very nice hotel
  • janejt
    Lovely hotel, very close to airport transfers, booked a Deluxe twin room space is very large, very comfortable, close to airport, but small noise! hotel is new, very nice, and hotel meals are also very affordable ... especially the road early, very rich, will stay again.
  • danbenben725
    Tall and advanced
  • tianjinsteven
    As well the hotel, airport transfer fast, quality service, hotel room than star hotels
  • amber0728
    Hotel appearance low-key, good rooms, reasonable design, clean, bathroom very very good
  • jiccer
    Once set has three between, everyone are said really good! has never didn't sleep had so big of bed, with had so big of bathtub, room high, breakfast also good, sent machine very on time, from airport really of is near. find not out shortcomings, to Chengdu must to live. on has, aircraft of voice also is somewhat noisy, simply night 1200 Hou didn't aircraft has, but a early in the will was aircraft wake near of Oakland special USA Republika also not wrong, East West many
  • TATA_G
    Auto outlet near Hotel Nice
  • ella97cn
    Hotel facilities is very good, very reliable shuttle service. If you want to catch an early morning flight, this is the best choice ... a bit far from the Center, but you can make the hotel to the airport to pick and change buses at the airport.
  • lmxtxc
    Sense of service and whether the lack of experience.
  • geyying
    Really good! never slept in such a big bed, used such a large bathtub, high rooms, breakfast was great, drop off exactly on time, really near from the airport. find faults, to Chengdu must live., the aircraft's voice is a bit noisy, night after 1200 no aircraft, but the morning will be a plane wake
  • cleverteng
    And we think it's great
  • jx2508
    I can only say that this is the price that I lived in one of the best hotels at home and abroad
    Well, price is high
  • energyxing
    Decent hotel
  • dodosword
    Indeed as said in earlier comments, hard win over most of the hotels. not only separate bathroom, and big room and bed is unimaginably large. hotel supplies still. If there is a separate drinking tap is better. addition air conditioning air outlet is on the bed, decoration, was a failure. of choice for early flights and the evening flight to. price absolute bargain!
  • ra319
    Very good hotel space is very large and comfortable
  • memorysunny
    Check in here for the first time, felt the decoration of distinctive, traditional Chinese decoration. configuration of the hotel toiletries are grades, bed was very large, comfortable to sleep. next time you will choose to stay.
  • naoxin
    The bed, big room, shower room and toilet separate, highly cost-effective. recommended stay
  • alice980128
    Great hotel, service was good!
  • fxj1234
    Clean, neat, trendy room facilities, there are grades. is noise control need to be improved.
  • mario5
    Room was large and very well liked and very satisfied!
  • sincos
    To Jiuzhaigou, from Chengdu transit, second days morning of flights, so select has airport near of hotel. shuttle machine service very good,, luggage delay long, master is has patience. morning gift also is on time, just said of has package breakfast, I to forget has, front desk also didn't go reminded I, but see with car of other people also are no. Hotel out right turned not far on has a article big gears, dinner is convenient, supplies journey of things also has many shop and supermarket. also buy has fresh of waterFruit to Jiuzhaigou.
  • Po caustic bei
    Hotel clean and tidy. with five-star hotels are better than some of the old ... surprise!
  • e04224662
    Because to catch aircraft live to this hotel. hotel are is according to five-star standard. is front desk, I are no language has, handle staying of when on slowly slowly. check out of when also is slowly slowly. is let people annoyed. urged has two Xia, on said immediately has. results also is slow. not know is front desk experience insufficient also is rooms Department experience insufficient. to whole hotel pulled low has grade.
  • bawang
    Which is very nice
  • Joliet
    High cost performance, unfortunately there is no free upgrades, extra money to upgrade to Deluxe.
  • Rina03
    Room facilities very good, free upgrade to a deluxe room, the bed and pillows were very comfortable, bed was very comfortable, not use bath soak!
  • Alan Tam
    That's good
  • salid
    Next to the airport, no way too noisy.
  • limasu
    Room is large, prices can be, is so close to airport ... Hear planes taking off and landing, a little fried
  • liruping
    First serious reviews of the hotel, but the hotel gave me too much surprise, conscientious, but also give advice; a really good hotel! will not let you down
  • scofie
    Catch the early flight so I chose this hotel, location is really not dominant! selected rooms are Deluxe, ninth floor, the lift was all black, no lights, and fucked me! is said to be the ninth floor presidential suite, then opened to sell! Capsule coffee machine in the room, fruit, water, snacks and other foods, the device is quite new, furniture color is a bit stressed. Hotel transfer service, great breakfast early will give away. receptionist told me to two hours in advance to the, After I check out early, found just ten minutes from the airport, Halo! at the airport alone put more than a hour candle!
  • xlflydance
    New facilities. rooms are clean. selected items are of good quality. as a guest needs to catch the early flight is a good choice. There are opportunities also will stay.
  • yuandan02
    Friends said that conditions can be, is a little distance away ...
  • lei millet
    All right
  • ice cool
    Room was large, clean
  • bluepiano
    High cost performance, if you need to catch a plane, the hotel must be preferred.
  • davidxie
    Pictures have been uploaded, airport transfer service very good. room was second stay at.