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Rongtou Hotel is Fall in Shuangliu County, Long Bridge Road, five minutes drive from the airport to downtown requires only 10 minutes drive away with its perfect service facilities, adhering to the concept of service ahead of elegance, will make each of respect among the stops here passengers enjoy the true meaning of ordinary life. Hotel overall with "static" for the design concept,there is a very clean environment.---[View Detail]

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  • ye200309
    Hotel hardware class, especially toilets Super. tub is a pair of shoes! choice of trip to Chengdu accommodation pick!
  • adela
    Hotel's hardware did not have to say, it's great! shower gel, shampoo, body lotion is also equipped with l ' occitane brand reflects Hotel sincerity! the room is also equipped with a coffee maker, and praise one!
  • YRY8121869
    Deluxe rooms are equipped with luxurious, high cost performance, car will stay
  • ddg730
    Reasonable price, good service, close to airport, again selecting him.
  • ccsmart
    Hotel room on a tall, especially the bathroom is where I lived the largest price bathroom, because taste is a newly renovated hotel in a little, the other great, free auto outlet is more than 10 minutes on foot,
  • ljtiger
    Better than expected
  • angnes
    As the many other user of evaluation; this hotel absolute is value! first is grateful hotel agreed put we of staying day modified to next day, although orders Shang clear description cannot modified. hotel has free to airport of shuttle. morning is each half hours a class, quite convenient. hotel of service also is thoughtful. hotel of facilities did not say. lights design, bathroom facilities are very human. because didn't caught up with breakfast, hotel sent has a breakfast box. (Although the content to most of the desserts,But still very rich.) Have the opportunity to choose this hotel next time.
  • guyan_615
    Hotel is near the airport, the surrounding is very lively and convenient. hotel facilities and hygiene are good, service is attentive, too late for breakfast guests can also prepare the portable breakfast!
  • fulei
    Transfer in Chengdu, a complimentary airport shuttle, not fixed, call, very convenient. beds are really big, one person sleeps too wasted.
  • dodosword
    Indeed as said in earlier comments, hard win over most of the hotels. not only separate bathroom, and big room and bed is unimaginably large. hotel supplies still. If there is a separate drinking tap is better. addition air conditioning air outlet is on the bed, decoration, was a failure. of choice for early flights and the evening flight to. price absolute bargain!
  • demonsansan
    Hardware is very good, room/bed was large and very clean. is the software is generally a morning drop off many people but it has been slow in coming, so called uber. Not sure late. but the price has been very good new hotel wanted better.
  • gao0017
    Hotel pick up and drop off service, very warm. According to very high standards of the hotel, very new. capsule coffee. the only feeling inadequate breakfast are relatively general. the surrounding environment, to fly friends is definitely a good choice, wake the sleeping will be early flight
  • lee139817131
  • jay92002499
    Hotel is very good, the room was big and comfortable, packaged to catch a plane back to breakfast in the morning
  • amato
    Overall very good!
  • e01301600
    Very helpful hotel! near the airport acted as worth staying at!
  • Apple fucking
    New nice
  • bowen7890
    Hotel is near the airport, and free buses, airport transfer, room very clean and toiletries are occitane! room also give fruits, very good hotel-
  • e01954509
    Aircraft noise
  • eryingerying
    Close to airport, 24 hour airport shuttle service.
  • alanwenjun
    Very, very value for money hotel, while in the suburbs, after all, close to airport, room was big and very new, the facility is complete, gave me a free upgrade to a suite, really big, very comfortable, free airport transfers
  • ccc2500
    Very nice, amenities, bathroom very nice
  • ggllgg12
    Shuangliu airport near the new hotel, a 5-minute drive to the airport. While the exterior is relatively inconspicuous, but absolute standards, combining Chinese and Western modern decoration, 5 star facilities, service was great, even the Airport Shuttle are luxury cars. overall cost-effective ultra-high!
  • licuanli
    Rooms great, facilities, toilets separated from the bathroom, are voice-activated lights, three sink, large bathtub, convenient parking, hoping to increase the luggage racks. breakfast, transfer, high cost performance, recommend!
  • cb12345
    In addition to the value-for-money no other room, King bed can sleep four people, five people can lie down, double bathtub, Deluxe to make staggering! perfect! perfect! perfect!
  • aminieye
    TV fees ... ... Lie to me hundreds of
  • Lamcar
    Service horrible
  • Dragon_Wang
    Hotel is nice, especially the bed Super! staff is also good!
  • jinlingjun
    General is a price super high of hotel, hardware quite excellent. bed is big, estimated has three meters wide, we live of luxury big bed room, is super big of double people bathtub, wash is Europe Shu Dan, coffee is Illy. Special to recommended II floor Sichuan restaurant, points has many dish, taste Super praise and as long as more than 100 more! set has free sent machine service, by colleagues identification is Lexus highest distribution version! said has so more good of, again to spit slot Xia's. hotel of soft of down was in this season hadIn warm affect sleep, and floors of health needs to be improved in some places ash severe. due to its proximity to the airport, flights taking off and landing at night would inevitably affect the rest, we can roll homemade ear plugs, good results
  • ASUS00347
    Must be highly regarded, very good hardware, cost is very high, selected by accident, than those of carefully selected satisfaction. Ou Shudan toiletries, very satisfied
  • bldgp
    Are very satisfied and will introduce people to stay!
  • Guoner
    Excellent hotel, on a very large, very clean, very comfortable, service is also very good, next time will come!
  • dangc
    Is new open of hotel, also in suitable business, see evaluation are said hotel of supporting facilities value, does is value, 2.6 of big bed, we a three mouth sleep have too comfortable has, this late is we to Chengdu sleep of most comfortable of a hotel. five-star of configuration o, also has free fruit, free sent airport, to airport only 5 km Oh, around of restaurant price also is affordable Oh, seat driving is 2 million of Howe car, boss certainly mad has. anyway very of value, everyone fast to Oh, XiaCilai lived here. the only regret is that aircraft flying overhead every two minutes, but it doesn't matter.
  • renyufen
    Very close to the airport, facilities good
  • danfujane
    Good, great, if convenient to the airport, about 15 minutes!
  • Citrine
    All right
  • Ailwen.Lee
    Hotel is near the airport, free airport transfer, got back to us is the most intimate breakfast. is newly built, relatively large. but facilities are good.
  • e00083992
    Second stay, very nice hotel. room not as depressed as other hotels, the price is very ... next time will come.
  • Sternwanderer
    Didn't thought! didn't thought! didn't thought! 360 live five-star hotel! although lobby looks didn't want to like five-star, but room beyond imagine, a is big, over 50 square meters, toilet and bath between separate and area Super big; II is facilities good, bed is big, mattress sleep have quite comfortable, bath supplies are is brand goods, has coffee capsule and coffee machine, double people bathtub. friends thought to more than 1000 more, complained how set so high-end of hotel, heard only 360 Shi eyes almost off down,Hotel also offers a free airport transfer service, another Sichuan dishes are very delicious and cheap on the second floor, 13 of us ordered 10 dishes to more than 500, awesome!
  • brooce
    And we think it's great
  • jxiaoping
    Overall very good, services, equipment and facilities good, food good quality, close to airport but not noisy. There is free shuttle ... only downside is probably just renovated soon, some in the room
  • grace_129
    Good grades, decoration
  • camaol
    Great hotel, highly cost-effective, staying near the airport here was not the second choice.
  • faye0925
    Decoration of the hotel features, there is an airport shuttle, cost-effective. 36/2 floor restaurant snacks against food, but also a little odor when ... recommended!
  • JingSun
    Value for money very good hotel recommendation
  • cancer_aries
    Overall, the recently opened hotel rooms Super, Super, hygiene products are very good, the only thing is the smell of the room was finished, in general good. There are limousine airport transfers.
  • Jamie.flying
    Great amenities, on the tall, high cost performance
  • abao0516
    Nice is also responsible for sending the next
  • eric_xu
    Provisional choices! environment can also have a retro style fully equipped! is the breakfast time is too short for nine points after no breakfast you can eat!
  • MITI29
    Room very good! nice!