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  • e04224662
    Because to catch aircraft live to this hotel. hotel are is according to five-star standard. is front desk, I are no language has, handle staying of when on slowly slowly. check out of when also is slowly slowly. is let people annoyed. urged has two Xia, on said immediately has. results also is slow. not know is front desk experience insufficient also is rooms Department experience insufficient. to whole hotel pulled low has grade.
  • bawang
    Which is very nice
  • Joliet
    High cost performance, unfortunately there is no free upgrades, extra money to upgrade to Deluxe.
  • Rina03
    Room facilities very good, free upgrade to a deluxe room, the bed and pillows were very comfortable, bed was very comfortable, not use bath soak!
  • Alan Tam
    That's good
  • salid
    Next to the airport, no way too noisy.
  • limasu
    Room is large, prices can be, is so close to airport ... Hear planes taking off and landing, a little fried
  • scofie
    Catch the early flight so I chose this hotel, location is really not dominant! selected rooms are Deluxe, ninth floor, the lift was all black, no lights, and fucked me! is said to be the ninth floor presidential suite, then opened to sell! Capsule coffee machine in the room, fruit, water, snacks and other foods, the device is quite new, furniture color is a bit stressed. Hotel transfer service, great breakfast early will give away. receptionist told me to two hours in advance to the, After I check out early, found just ten minutes from the airport, Halo! at the airport alone put more than a hour candle!
  • xlflydance
    New facilities. rooms are clean. selected items are of good quality. as a guest needs to catch the early flight is a good choice. There are opportunities also will stay.
  • ice cool
    Room was large, clean
  • bluepiano
    High cost performance, if you need to catch a plane, the hotel must be preferred.
  • davidxie
    Pictures have been uploaded, airport transfer service very good. room was second stay at.
  • glacialrose
    Price high, close to airport, airport transfer service
  • baaaa
    Great oversized, host and bathroom-open, good service at the front desk, Shuttle airport provides.
  • Caroli
    Clean room facilities good, to choose to live in Chengdu.
  • e01204977
    Room is good, breakfast varieties is less but taste good, because aircraft late, was night at 10 o'clock around staying of just to make to has second days 0 o'clock in the morning more only live Xia, received machine of master very good, so late has also to received we, quilt and bed slightly has wet (is because weather reasons, again plus we itself is North people habits has dry, so on wet special sensitive), promotions activities in the of things as also many, very good, big bathtub too cool has, to baby Lane has bubbleBubble bath, had a lot of fun! hotel is overall good, look reserved style, clean, highly recommended!
  • feiger317
    Hotel is new, should opened didn't more long time. all of service personnel are is rod! set of luxury big bed, including has double people dinner. dish many, we are eat not finished, taste also good. room within special points of has Illy of capsule coffee, double people bathtub, Europe Shu Dan of bathing wash baking milk. room also is big, morning catch aircraft, hotel has 24 hours of sent machine service, people more of words has business car. we is two a people to airport, sent we of is a Taiwan Lexus of ls600hl. value for money is very high at this hotel.
  • dianayao
    Hotel room is very large, separate toilet and bathroom, bed, big and soft, noise effects in General
  • AresSong
    Nice hotel, is already the second time that I checked, not far from the airport, very convenient, service is also very good, and airport service good, daughter like 2.6-meter bed, next time will choose to move
  • li_albert
    Hotel is new before long, taste great, but the room and aisles are nice, there are limousine, breakfast was OK, worth recommending.
  • clarinet928
    Nice hotel
  • e02744091
    Very nice hotel, 24-hour airport, Deluxe big bed room has a Queen size bed, toilet and shower in two rooms, 390 package breakfast, incredibly and occitane, second floor restaurant prices are not expensive, tastes good, too amazing Oh!
    Hotel is very inviting, the health, and guests with transfer to airport, nice!
  • jlei1
    Catch the live it's convenient, free to the airport, recommended!
  • pippin
    Nice hotel, service very good, the room was big and comfortable, affordable
  • robust312
    Super, Super, sent back to breakfast. high performance-price ratio!
  • lulf168
    Shang has received machine of car zhihou, has half hours only open, said is also has other people, to sat full only go, this is most not satisfaction of place. but airport away from hotel not is too far, ten minutes on to has. free upgrade has room type, bed big to two a people speech to said loud points only listening to get. bathroom and bath is separate of, wet and dry separation, bath is five-star hotel is of Europe Shu Dan, does this price is deal. around environment to is General, nothing good shopping of, as turn temporary live aNight is a good choice
  • ebabyface
    Hotel distance airport is near, and hotel has shuttle machine service, is convenient. room is big, bed also is big, facilities first-class, 400 around of hotel, I personal in Chengdu words, also didn't encountered had double people bathtub of, this is first home. anyway all are is beyond I imagine of good. said several small of insufficient, first, hotel because is away from airport too near, aircraft landing of voice also is compared obviously, although I personal think away from cannot stand also has quite of distance, but hotel canTo consider added loaded multilayer of noise glass, after all some guest may compared sensitive some. Second, may not General appeared, I live of double bed room, air conditioning out outlet are on I sleep of that Zhang bed, and impossible let wife children to sleep top with wind blow of bed, only himself hard carry with, fortunately no blow cold. not know hotel can consider change about out outlet of location. third, Super big of toilet and wash between is and a highlights, and toilet and wash can separate two pieces isVery good, only hotels can in the bathroom and toilet add a curtain to middle glass partition, which can take care of privacy can also give full play to the effectiveness of large rooms. in General, really is his flaws, seriously strongly recommend flying friends stay. best regards!
  • cylia0808
    Transit stay, very nice! great.
  • m01976167
    Nice, great service
  • staryuyu
    Hotel food and beverage service is in place, the enthusiasm for a customer cannot eat spicy food recommendation service; accepted arrival of female staff at the front desk, facing the customer advisory not only expressionless, also did not find a look, to make people feel uncomfortable
  • bbg7758523
    Nice hotel is close to the airport a bit noisy. general feeling was good
  • A_Best
    Hotel hardware excellent breakfast good. King super wide. disadvantage is that loud voices in the room it was clear the plane.
  • evan_liu
    Appearance not too tall but the Interior is very comfortable, very late, pilots pay not because I go to the wrong terminal and anxiety, to pick us up and around, very good Oh! 5!
  • roft1234
    Hotel facilities is very good, breakfast was good, very close to the airport
  • cafuca
    Room was big and very clean, very close to the airport
  • cmycr
    Hotels in Chinese style decoration, understated luxury, two 1.5 meter bed, ideal for family fun, rich breakfast, very near from the airport.
  • lonely520
    Xia aircraft first call front desk, requirements received machine, front desk of beauty kind promised. was, 10 minutes small strict master open with Howe car to received, attitude kind! to has hotel, lobby Manager enthusiasm reception, also deliberately with I upstairs! whole room 50 square meters, 2.6 meters of big bed, double people bathtub, handsome stay has! very rod of experience! next again to!
  • atean
    Absolute value car pick up from the airport, rooms and beds are King size, environment is also very good, getting up early to catch a plane also has a very rich breakfast packages carry!
  • bjjoewu
    Environment, hardware did not have to say, peripheral environment is not very satisfactory.
  • dysbl
    Room was clean an area is also very large, is to lobby many insects on the ground hope workers deal with. only six minutes away from the airport by car
    Bed King size bed King size bed King size bed-large
  • veryice
    People who think of themselves as a more critical, but this hotel is inside the hotel where I lived the first five ... because it is a new hotel, renovation of health is well, is how the lobby does not, aircraft taking off and landing a bit noisy in the morning.
  • m_dong
    Very good hotel the price is really good buys! first stay helped me free upgrade! super! super good girl attitude a lot of 5 star hotel at the front desk! it will again choose to move
  • doctorys
    A little distance from the airport, the hotel cost-effective, price 5 stars enjoy 7 days, with bath these are l ' occitane's, drinking water is the hailuogou, anyway, good. transfers. recommend a
  • e03426913
    Nice, hot, prepared fruits for the guests ' good, again, and very good
  • conluden
    Overall very good!
  • ly0531
    From the ticket close, or shuttle plane, very good hotel facilities meet five-star standards,
  • diana.tian
    Hotel away from airport special near, and provides free of shuttle machine, hotel staff and driver attitude are special good! in front desk handle staying, staff see we is couples, but at no big bed has, on free to we upgrade to has better of a big bed between, a door can is stunning I has! I are can't imagine room so good! bed Super big! feel can sleep seven or eight a people has are! health also special good! this staying really of feel earned to has! good happy!
  • cxfls
    Value for money