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guyan_615score:5.0 / 52018-03-17

Hotel is near the airport, the surrounding is very lively and convenient. hotel facilities and hygiene are good, service is attentive, too late for breakfast guests can also prepare the portable breakfast!
fuleiscore:4.8 / 52018-03-17

Transfer in Chengdu, a complimentary airport shuttle, not fixed, call, very convenient. beds are really big, one person sleeps too wasted.
dodoswordscore:4.3 / 52018-03-15

Indeed as said in earlier comments, hard win over most of the hotels. not only separate bathroom, and big room and bed is unimaginably large. hotel supplies still. If there is a separate drinking tap is better. addition air conditioning air outlet is on the bed, decoration, was a failure. of choice for early flights and the evening flight to. price absolute bargain!
demonsansanscore:4.8 / 52018-03-15

Hardware is very good, room/bed was large and very clean. is the software is generally a morning drop off many people but it has been slow in coming, so called uber. Not sure late. but the price has been very good new hotel wanted better.
gao0017score:4.5 / 52018-03-15

Hotel pick up and drop off service, very warm. According to very high standards of the hotel, very new. capsule coffee. the only feeling inadequate breakfast are relatively general. the surrounding environment, to fly friends is definitely a good choice, wake the sleeping will be early flight
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